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Sara Serious
Sara Sprong, M.P.A.
VP of Strategic Initiatives
Sara is responsible for ensuring VNL’s suite of products run smoothly and meet the needs of users. She was a champion of the roll out and adoption of the PARTNER tool, successfully achieving a customer base in all 50 states and 13 countries. She provides amazing customer service and support while keeping tabs on all the moving parts of the product life cycle. She has deep understanding of the communities who use the products and works tirelessly to coordinate ongoing requests from partners and customers. Sara is an organizational wizard with an expertise in building technology for social impact. Sara is a snowboarder, outdoor enthusiast, and mother to a young growing family.
Recent Articles by Sara
using data to tell your network's story

Using Data to Tell Your Network’s Story

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Using data to enhance a network’s story highlights the impact of collaboration amongst community members sharing a common goal. Networks can use data to demonstrate to partners, stakeholders, and funders how the quality of their partnerships are progressing over

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Courageous Leadership

Supportive Connections: The Secret to Courageous Leadership

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Supportive Connections Have Many Benefits- Including Courageous Leadership At Visible Network Labs we believe that your health and well-being are rooted in your supportive connections. I want to take that one step further and say that your leadership is

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Top 10 Tips for Launching your PARTNER Survey

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources As the product manager of the PARTNER tool, I field a lot of questions about how to launch the surveys. From simple questions about how to find resources, to more complex situations like how to deal with changes after

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Eight Tips for Designing a PARTNER Tool Survey

The PARTNER Tool is a survey and network analysis tool that helps measure and analyze the quality and structure of inter-organizational networks. Using PARTNER data, network managers can be more strategic in how they build, manage and evaluate their networks to improve processes and outcomes

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