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Paige Serious
Dr. Paige Backlund Jarquin
VP of Learning
Paige’s passion for social connectedness is a thread through her 20-years of experience. She has led program implementation, training, evaluation and research activities on community-based and community-led initiatives with organizations such as the Peace Corps, Planned Parenthood, the Colorado Department of Public Health and the Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, and the Regional Health Connector Program at the Colorado Health Institute. In her free time, you can find Paige training others on how to facilitate authentic community engagement, learning how to use her bead drill, and trying out a hiking trail with her partner and their kids.
Recent Articles by Paige
Managing Turf in a Network

Managing Turf in a Network: Keeping it Under Control

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources This December, we surveyed more than 150 network leaders in our annual State of Networks Survey. The number of people mentioning “turf” as a daily problem in their collaborative work really struck me! Responses suggested that “turf” was associated

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Tips for Better Network Facilitation

Three Tips for Better Network Facilitation

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Network Stuck? Get Unstuck with a Facilitator! One of the most important, yet overlooked roles in a network is that of a facilitator. A facilitator is a person that makes an action or process easier by keeping discussion and

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What Is Community-Led Innovation?

What is Community-Led Innovation?

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Writing from a desk at a company that identifies as a Social Enterprise & Technology Start-Up, it might sound counterintuitive to say that we at Visible Network Labs do not believe that all “innovation” is synonymous with “technology.” Yes,

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Four Tips to Facilitate a Great Network Gathering

Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources In September 2018, Visible Network Labs hosted its first ever two-day Network Leadership Workshop: How to Lead, Manage, and Problem Solve in Cross-Sector Community Network. As a spin off from our flagship training program, the annual three-day Network Leadership

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