We’re created three different plans to use our CPRM, along with the PCN app, so there’s a solution for your needs. You can learn more about our consulting services here, and our learning lab programs here.

Interested in having our team of experts help you setup your PARTNER Project?

Two Ways to Use PARTNER


Our Community Partnership Relationship Management System helps networks manage their partnerships more strategically. Choose from 3 plans to find exactly what you need.

Person Centered
Network App

The PCN App is a cell phone and tablet-based app for collecting network data & creating personal support network maps. The App is in Beta Testing – Reach out to learn more.

katie edwards

VNL is an amazing team of professionals who are actively building the tools we need to measure collaboration, networks, and more. They think outside of the box, and they are an innovative partner when it comes to trying to define and measure those things that are innately challenging.

rachel hogg

The VNL team and tools are incredibly powerful in helping to map partnerships and collaborative networks. The tools are user-friendly and the team is always there to help troubleshoot and interpret results. I also highly recommend their trainings for anyone interested in network leadership

Dr. Rachel Graham
University of Kentucky

We are constantly being asked to measure the impact of our work, without VNL we wouldn't be able to measure or justify the need for partnerships to funders, new partners and innovators in the field! They are an essential partner in the field of public health where we rely on the strength of networks.