Consulting Services Packages
Let Our Team Find a Solution With You.

Here at VNL, we take a collaborative approach to find a solution with you. Our 25 years of experience building network science solutions and technology means we have the skill and insight to find a custom solution for you. Below are our current consulting packages and rates. Contact us if you’d like to discuss working together!

CPRM Basic
Startup Consult

In this basic consult, our team provides up to 8 hours of VNL expert consultation on the setup of survey measures, network members, or analysis options, along with technical assistance and onboarding to get your started.

$4,000 one-time fee
CPRM Premium
Startup Consult
Our team assists you in setting up CPRM including your data infrastructure; adapting our 19 question survey, adding members, collecting data, and producing your first report. You’ll end with the ability to use the CPRM.
$25,000 one-time fee
CPRM Custom
Startup Consult
In the custom consult, in addition to all offerings in the premium package, our team will customize your CPRM survey, member data, report and analysis options for your exact needs. You’ll end with the ability to use the CPRM.
$80,000 one-time fee
CPRM Startup Enterprise Consult
For partners who need a custom solution, we can build almost anything to measure your networks. With our enterprise consult, we’ll work with you build a fully customized CPRM experience including multiple question types and member inclusion options; public facing options; custom analysis and reporting, and more. Contact us to discuss your needs, our ideas, and get a scope of work started.
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