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Coming Soon: The Network
Strategy Online Course

Ater many requests  – we have made the commitment and are working hard to launch our first online course next spring on “Developing Data-Driven Network Strategies for Impact and Outcomes” which will follow the PARTNER method to create network strategies, identify the metrics to test them, and build actionable strategies. Sign up for our Online Course Updates and we’ll email you more information once its available!

Leading a Network Isn't Easy.
A Data-Driven Strategy can Help.

More than ever, organizations from all sectors are building networks to help improve societal outcomes. In public health, education, early childhood systems and more, collaboration is seen as key to solving wicked problems. However building and maintaining networks takes time, and it isn’t easy to prove all that effort is making a difference. Our new online course will focus on providing you the skill, knowledge and tools you need to collect data and leverage network science to build a network strategy. Armed with this training, you’ll be ready to start building a more strategic network and improving outcomes!

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