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Develop the Skills & Strategies to Foster
Cross-Sector Partnerships

The Network Leadership Workshop is a two-day, practitioner-oriented training program to develop key network leadership skills. This workshop is purposefully kept around 20-25 participants to allow for more in-depth instruction, peer-learning and action-oriented activities. 

Interested in Attending? Email us at Learning@visiblenetworklabs.com

Interested in attending

Are you finding yourself responsible for working with multiple organizations and communities to address complex problems?

 Are you leading in a way you never expected across organizational boundaries and diverse stakeholders?  We get it- it’s hard! 

And undoubtedly there is a growing need for skills and resources to support leading collaboratively especially when organizational structures, roles, and expectations are often more fluid and undefined. The Network Leadership Workshop is a hands-on learning opportunity for individuals actively involved in cultivating cross-sector and community networks to address this kind of complexity, which complements the annual Network Leadership Training Academy.

Expand your network leadership skillset by joining this 2-day interactive workshop to enhance your ability to more effectively build, manage, and evaluate your network of partners and community members. Based on network science principles and evidence-based practices, this workshop provides a learning and action process for participants to work through their most pressing collaboration challenges with a team of committed facilitators and peers.  Through this workshop, participants will have tools to:

  • Develop strategies and action steps to strengthen network relationships and address challenges
  • Build adaptive leadership skills for working with multiple stakeholders and evolving contexts
  • Use data and evaluation tools to inform management decisions and better communicate outcomes to diverse audiences

By the end of two days, you can expect to have a strategy road map for addressing your current challenges and enhancing your effectivness within your organization and network.  Join this growing community of network and collaborative leadership alumni!

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