Introducing the New PARTNER Full Report!

We’ve redesigned our Full Report to make it more valuable than ever before. With new visualizations and charts, a sleek professional look, and more insights and suggested action items, it’s a perfect tool for internal stakeholders. Use it to foster strategic discussions, identify opportunities, and improve your collaborative impact. Chat with our team about our new reports, or order a Full Report right now to get started.

A Powerful Quality Improvement Tool to Strengthen Your Impact

Our Full Report organizes all your major PARTNER data and findings in 15-20 pages of insight. It starts with advice and guidance for reviewing its findings and translating them into action. It then walks through each data point you collect, providing descriptions and interpretations to help make sense of the charts and visualizations. It’s a fantastic tool for reviewing your progress and adapting your strategy. Chat with our team to learn more and get started ordering your own report.

It Is Never Too Late to Start Learning From Your Past Data.

If you have already collected PARTNER data using one of our surveys, a Full Report is a great resource to make that data more valuable for your network. Each Full Report clearly demonstrates your collective impact while helping your team make strategic adaptations to improve your collaborative work in the future. Get started today by ordering a Full Report below.

Need New Data for an Updated Full Report?

Get 20% off any Report and a PARTNER Survey When You Buy Them Together

Collect new data using a new PARTNER survey to get an up-to-date Full Report. With new features and a sleek new interface, it’s never been this easy to measure the quality and structure of your network relationships. When you order a survey and any Report together, you’ll get 20% off them both as our way of saying thank you for your continued use of PARTNER. Reach out to our team with any questions below – we’re happy to help.

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