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Network Science Resource Library

Building, managing and evaluating networks and collaboration isn’t easy. Our Network Science Resource Library is the hub for all our combined resources: blogs, infographics, webinars, research, case studies and more. Search and filter by topic area and resource type to find what you need – all 100% free.

Top Five Network Leadership Resources
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources As more and more organizations partner together to share resources and increase their impact, we are witnessing the development of an entirely new field,…
Four Tips to Facilitate a Great Network Gathering
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources In September 2018, Visible Network Labs hosted its first ever two-day Network Leadership Workshop: How to Lead, Manage, and Problem Solve in Cross-Sector Community…
Why We Trust Some Leaders: 5 Key Traits for Trust
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Like most forms of leadership, trust is the foundation of network leadership. In fact it’s particularly important for collaborative situations, where leaders usually cannot…
What is Network Leadership?
Network leadership (or what I call network weaving) looks like a rhizome. If you have a patch of bamboo in your yard, you know how hard it is to get…
From Scientist to Start-up: Our Story
With nearly two decades of combined team experience conducting network science research and evaluations, Visible Network Labs is the culmination of many years of hard work. Our team comes from…
Webinar: Network Evaluation Using the Partner Tool
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources VIEW SLIDES Presenter: Danielle Varda, Visible Network Labs As more organizations and communities collaborate, measuring, evaluating, and using data from community networks can be…
Webinar: Network Leadership For Collective Impact
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Click here to Access Slides This webinar explores the connections between Network Leadership and the Collective Impact frameworks. Participants will learn about the linkages…

We provide resources to help with all five steps of our PARTNER Method. Shift your mindset, design a strategy, track data, adapt insights and enact action steps with our blogs, infographics, research & webinars.

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