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Network Science Resource Library

Building, managing and evaluating networks and collaboration isn’t easy. Our Network Science Resource Library is the hub for all our combined resources: blogs, infographics, webinars, research, case studies and more. Search and filter by topic area and resource type to find what you need – all 100% free.

How to Nurture a Culture of Exchance
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Almost a decade ago, Dutch blogger Joitske Hulsebosch used a phrase in her blog that has stuck with me. The phrase has proved to…
Network Structures: Who, What, Why?
Resources Resources Get Updates on Resources Understanding a few network structure metrics can really tell you a lot about the underlying relationships! Centrality, Connectivity, Bridging, and Cliques are four fundamental…
Case Study: The Mile High Health Alliance
The Problem. The Mile High Health Alliance, located in Denver, CO, is an Alliance of twenty health organizations working to achieve better health through collaboration. Members include Denver Public Health,…
Case Study: Colorado Early Childhood Councils
The Problem. Colorado’s Early Childhood Councils play a coordinating role in the early childhood system – they work to integrate and connect various stakeholders and service providers like hospitals, public…

We provide resources to help with all five steps of our PARTNER Method. Shift your mindset, design a strategy, track data, adapt insights and enact action steps with our blogs, infographics, research & webinars.

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