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3 Mantras + 3 Small Moves for Advancing Networks

Last fall I was back home in Michigan to do a presentation and discussion with representatives from a number of inspiring networks focused on...

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Four Tips to Facilitate a Great Network Gathering

In September 2018, Visible Network Labs hosted its first ever two-day Network Leadership Workshop: How to Lead, Manage, and Problem Solve in Cross-Sector Community...

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What is Network Leadership?

Network leadership (or what I call network weaving) looks like a rhizome. If you have a patch of bamboo in your yard, you know...

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Eight Tips for Designing a PARTNER Tool Survey

The PARTNER Tool is a survey and network analysis tool that helps measure and analyze the quality and structure of inter-organizational networks. Using PARTNER...

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We want to let you in on a network science secret – better networking is less networking

NETWORKING – IT’S A THING – EVERYBODY IS DOING IT… The “network way of working” – that is, building diverse cross-sector relationships across people and...

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