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Networks are Fluid & Dynamic, So Network Leadership Should Be Too

WHY NETWORK SCIENCE IS SO RELATABLE, AND REALLY FUNOne of the most natural, human feelings is the desire to connect to others. We desire...

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As a Start Up, Becoming a Social Enterprise Has Been A Journey!

Taking the road less traveled. The decision on what kind of organizational entity to become is far more challenging than we ever assumed when we...

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Social Connectedness as a Social Determinant of Health

Sometimes, in the middle of talking to someone, I start to wonder about their social support networks…”does he have someone to call when he...

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Top 10 Tips for Launching your PARTNER Survey

As the product manager of the PARTNER tool, I field a lot of questions about how to launch the surveys. From simple questions about...

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How I learned that anything is possible, if you are willing to take the leap!

When I took my first leap off the academic high-rise and into the startup world’s bright but murky ecosystem, I really had no idea...

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