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Create Bias-Free Surveys: Three Pitfalls to Avoid

Bias is pernicious: it creeps into all kinds of research, including surveys and social network analysis! The more bias you introduce into your survey,...

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November Network Newsletter

            Can't see images? View this email in your browser Happy Thanksgiving to all our partners and subscribers - we're thankful for...

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Networks are the Answer… Right?

While most of us think networks are the answer, it's not always true. It's okay to get a little overwhelmed by how over-networked we...

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Why Most Network Maps Miss the Point

Network maps are becoming more popular than ever, and it's not surprising at all. People are realizing more than ever how much social connections...

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Three Tips for Better Network Facilitation

Network Stuck? Get Unstuck with a Facilitator!One of the most important, yet overlooked roles in a network is that of a facilitator. A facilitator...

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