Kahea Hendrickson

Kāhea Hendrickson

Software Developer

Kāhea is a Software Developer who is dedicated to incessantly improving his craft. He originally taught himself to program for the purpose of becoming a VJ for the short lived Utah based electronic duo Schädelverletzung. He later went on to graduate from the nation’s premier hippie college The Evergreen State College. Kāhea’s career has mainly focused on the production of web based applications. He loves implementing software development practices that both rapidly fulfill business requirements and provide a joyful developer experience. He currently resides in his ancestral lands of Hawaiʻi trying to be pono and practice all things Aloha ʻĀina. In his spare time he can be found reading, listening to podcasts, weightlifting, surfing, drinking craft beer with his friends, and spending time with his ʻOhana.

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