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You can choose to see what the science says about your data, draw from a set of questions you can consider about that data, get advice from the 20+ years of consulting on networks from the VNL team, or get a simple summary of your data. Our team has worked with communities, businesses, and organizations for over 20 years, and it is time to share the vast amounts of insights and learnings we have with you! Tap into VNL’s 20+ years of experience applying network science to develop actions and strategies in communities. Tap into our informational library, directly through our data dashboards, and use that information to learn, strategize, communicate, and translate to practice.

Transform your network with partner today!


All our tool users have access to best in the industry support, including email and phone communication with VNL Product Specialists, along with numerous opportunities for training and technical assistance.


We provide both structural and quality metrics (dependent on your data source), to measure trust, mission-alignment and other key factors across the network and within any one relationship.

EASY to use interface

The Data Dashboard was created with ease of use in mind. No coding skills are required. If you use our built-in survey builder, you can collect, analyze & visualize network data all in the same platform.

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