Get started with expert onboarding for PARTNER

Work with an expert to design your measures, onboard your team, build capacity and implement PARTNER in your network or community with our Implementation Services

Onboarding & Implementation Services

Start-to-Finish PARTNER Setup, with Capacity Building for Your Team and Data Design Technical Assistance from our Experts

Implementing new technology is never easy and can slow down your innovation and delay your ROI. Our project managers and network scientists work closely with new PARTNER CPRM users through our Implementation Services. We help design unique data measures and question sets, onboard new teams with capacity-building resources, and implement the platform within their workflow requirements. Contact our team with more information about your project to get started.

Our Expertise

Our team will get you up to speed on the platform’s interface, features, and functionality. We can help set up your user accounts, upload existing data, and create an overall strategy for your use.

Build your team’s capacity to make the most of your PARTNER implementation. Access how-to guides and demos, attend training events and workshops, and receive ongoing user support.

Get technical support to implement PARTNER and ensure it integrates and aligns with your existing systems, databases, and workflows to maximize engagement and uptake.

You can work with a network scientist or data analyst to design the specific network and community partner measures and scores you want to include in your PARTNER database.

Implementation Packages

Standard Package

Our team assists with a standard implementation. This includes onboarding and capacity building.


A standard implementation option with customized measures and more time with our team.

Premium Package

Custom implementations include a complete data collection, analysis, and reporting cycle, plus TA time.

Meet the Experts

Our Data Science and Implementation Team uses their broad skill sets and backgrounds to create uniquely valuable insights related to network science, community collaboration, systems change, and social connectedness. With a focus on relationships and community expertise, we work with our partners – not for them – to build your capacity while generating new ideas and innovation. Get to know our team of network scientists and data analysts below.

Dr. Danielle

CEO, Founder, & Network Scientist

Sara Sprong

Sara Sprong,

VP of Customer

Lea Xenakis

Lea Xenakis,

Director of Research and Evaluation

Dr. Jennifer Lawlor

Dr. Jennifer Lawlor, PhD

Network Data

Andy Zheng

Andy Zhang,

Senior Data

Kendall Warwick-Diaz

Kendall Warwick-Diaz

Network Data

Marissa Baron

Marissa Baron, M.P.H.

Senior project

Alena Lidey

Alena Lidey (she/her)


Kaley Bachinski

Kaley Bachinski, Msc

Project Manager

Hear from our partners...

Customer Service Philosophy:

Unequivocally Committed
Effective Communication
Authentic Relationships
High-Quality Innovation
Continuous Learning

Our customer service philosophy serves as the foundation to guide our decisions and interactions with partners and the communities/individuals they serve, helping us to realize our vision and accomplish our mission at VNL. 

From design and implementation to support and capacity training, we offer our partners much more than software. We have decades of experience serving communities with a dedicated team who have a broad range of expertise in research and project design, data science and analysis, capacity training and technical assistance and technology development with the user as our focus. We have worked with partners on many topics, including social connectedness, health and wellbeing, maternal and child health, suicide prevention, education, and many others.

Commitment, communication, authenticity, quality, and continuous learning are at the forefront of everything we do. 

Learn about our ongoing work

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November 2021 – Ongoing // California Project // PARTNER CPRM Learn About the Project Working collaboratively to integrate programs and services that improve whole-person care while reducing multiple forms of violence in Azusa. All in for Azusa (AIFA) and Healthy San Gabriel Valley (HSGV) are

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