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    Malinda Mochizuki
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    We are looking forward to hosting the 7th annual Network Leadership Training Academy from April 15-17 in Denver! If you are joining us, let us know and start getting connected with this community of network leaders beforehand. We’d love to hear what you hope to learn at the NLTA this year!

    Scott Labott
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    I’ll be there! I’m coming from MN and I’m with the Bush Foundation.

    We work with several organizations in the Twin Cities metro that focus on leadership development for professionals of color: The African American Leadership Forum, Coalition of Asian American Leaders, Young American Leaders Program, etc. My team would like to support the work they do by cultivating a network approach.

    Additionally, I’m interest in learning how foundations/funders can help or hinder as network conveners.

    If I accomplish all of that, I’d like to find (and procure) the best donuts in Denver.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Danielle Varda
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    Hi Scott – really looking forward to meeting you. You’ll notice when you get here that we have a few funders joining us this year, so at least one affinity group already identified. I know you will get these questions answered, mostly from the people who are experiencing these things on the ground every day. And we’ll be sure to take a donut poll! See you in Denver in 1 week and 1 day! Danielle

    Melissa Moorehead
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    Hi, thanks for a terrific experience so far. There seems to be a lot of online content or options that are a little hard to keep track of – would you consider a post here or an email that collects them all?

    Rick Winter
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    Hi Scott — I’m very curious if you answered your original question about funders/founders helping or hurting a network.

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