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    David R. Hackett
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    My group, visionsynergy, has experienced success in using a three-category, 12-item subjective evaluation tool we developed. We call it a “Network Health Factors Scorecard.”

    A network’s facilitation team reviews and evaluates (on a scale of 1-10) their network’s health in the 12 items. We list four items, or health factors, under each of three main calories of Purpose, People, and Process.

    The team then focuses on the top three highest scored health factors, on how the network can perform even better on its healthy factors.

    Finally, the team assesses the bottom three lowest scored health factors and discusses ways it might implement greater health in the network in those weakest factors.

    We have found this initial subjective network self-evaluation to be well-received by network leaders unaccustomed to evaluation, and it opens the door to more quantitative data-driven evaluation and analysis later.

    Danielle Varda
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    Thanks Dave! I love this and completely agree that perception in networks is THE most important measure. Is there a way we can see this assessment? Is this a public tool?

    David R. Hackett
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    Yes, Danielle, our Network Health Factors Scorecard is available to the public at this link. Select Field Guides > Essential Guide to Effective Networks > Network Health Factors Scorecard

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