Sept 2, 2020 Webinar: Collecting & Analyzing Your Network Data


In our next Network Leadership Webinar, Dr. Danielle Vara will walk you through the process of collecting and analyzing network data to inform your network strategy. We'll start with a network survey, demonstrate how to send it, and then start exploring our data in the [...]

Networks and Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: A Network Leadership Webinar


One of the primary benefits of networks is their ability to connect us  diverse partners, breaking down silos and integrating new ways of thinking. However, building diverse & equitable networks where everyone is included takes intentional effort and a lot of thinking. Networks themselves have [...]


National Association of Women Business Owners Virtual Advocacy Days Panel


Join Dr. Danielle Varda for a panel during the National Association of Women Business Owners regarding the importance of advocacy for empowering female entrepreneurs. You can register and attend the event online 100% free. Click below to learn more or sign up.


Join our next webinar: Marketing & Communication Strategies & Tactics for Networks & Coalitions

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