The VNL Learning Lab is the space where we gather our partners and customers for in-person and online trainings to share best practices for expanded impact and real-world examples in the practice called Network Leadership.

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The 2020 Network Leadership Training Academy is taking place virtually as a series of monthly learning session. Each month, you’ll learn from a series of speakers about a specific topic area, like building networks, or using evaluation tools. You’ll have access to a peer-learning community and receive special resources to work on between sessions back home. Learn more about the NLTA here and register here.

Session 1: “Thinking Like a Network Scientist”
– June 17, 2020

Session 2: “Building a Network: Where Do I Start?”
-July 15, 2020

Session 3: “Managing a Network: Distributive Leadership, Equity, and Representation”
-August 19, 2020

Session 4: “Managing a Network: Leading with Authenticity; Tackling Challenges ”
-September 16, 2020

Session 5: “Tracking if it’s Working; Telling the Story of Your Network”
-October 21, 2020

Session 6: “The Future of Your Network: Translating Data to Action”
-November 18, 2020