Let our Team Evaluate your Collaborative or Network!

When you don’t have the time or expertise to do your own network evaluation, we can help. We’ve worked with more than 400 nonprofit, public and private organizations visualize their network, demonstrate their impact, and create a strategy for the future. Get started and contact us to see how we can help your network. 

Our PARTNER Method for Evaluating Networks

Mindset Shift: We help organizations shift to thinking like a network scientist! This is necessary for most networks before they can start creating and adapting their own data-driven network strategy.

Network Strategy: We work with your team to envision the “ideal network” for advancing your goals, and the metrics by which you’ll track and adapt your strategy over time.

Data Tracking: We create and implement an evaluation for your network strategy using the PARTNER Platform, creating a series of reports and graphics to share as a result. This is ideally repeated over time.

Analyze Insights: We facilitate the analysis of the evaluation results to come up with clear, actionable insights for the network members to adapt their network strategy as necessary.

Translate to Practice: We support the network leaders in implementing any action items or shifts in network strategy, before eventually going back to Step 3 Data Tracking to track progress again.

Who We've Worked With

We conduct our evaluations using our 5-step PARTNER Method. We start developing a strategic foundation, followed by an ongoing evolution cycle gathering data and developing action steps.

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