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Data Uploader

Free to try & super simple! Do you already have some data that you want to visualize? Or are you eager to just get a quick sense of what network mapping is all about? Our simple network data uploader lets you create a simple 3 column excel file that you can upload within seconds. You will instantly have a map and some options to filter through it. You can add more information to that dataset to see more, or upgrade to our more advanced data analytics dashboard to get access to even more ways to discover insight in the data. Try it today – it’s free and easy!


easy and free to use, always

The data uploader is the easiest way to get data into a visualization platform. We make the process simple and free, so you can get busy visualizing networks today, and turning that into insight tomorrow!

super simple, no cleaning, upload

Unlike other tools that make it really difficult to get your network data into their platforms, we provide you with the template and we do all of the data cleaning for you. You never have to figure it out - just upload and see!

access to the visualizer

Once your data are uploaded, all you have to do is work through the many options to visualize your data. You can add colors and look at numerous combinations of ways to see how your network members are connected.

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