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Visualizer & Analytics

The PARTNER Data Dashboards makes network mapping and analysis simple and funRegister for free and give it a try!

Visualizer:  With features to emphasize key positions by node size, adding group differences by color and integrating other characteristics about your network members through visual designs using stripes, you can quickly create maps to communicate the impact your network is making. You can look for patterns, identify key positions, filter the information to identify influencers, spot the brokers, and reduce redundancy. 

Analytics: We include more than a dozen metrics to analyze your networks in a way that gives you insight into them. When you have used questions from the PARTNER survey, your analytics will include levels of trust, mission-alignment, communication and resource contribution, along with indicators to describe perceptions of power/influence, resources contributions, and time commitment.

Easily import your own network data with our data uploader to get quick access to visualization and network metrics to help you identify influencers, spot the brokers, and reduce redundancy.

Or use one of our data collection tools that link directly into the visualizer, so you never have to clean your data again! 


All our tool users have access to best in the industry support, including email and phone communication with VNL Product Specialists, along with numerous opportunities for training and technical assistance.


We provide both structural and quality metrics (dependent on your data source), to measure trust, mission-alignment and other key factors across the network and within any one relationship.

EASY to use interface

The Data Dashboard was created with ease of use in mind. No coding skills are required. If you use our built-in survey builder, you can collect, analyze & visualize network data all in the same platform.

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