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Capture More Useful Data

The data you capture matters. Time and time again we have worked with clients struggling to analyze data because it wasn't collected in a helpful way. With more options to capture and import data than any other tool on the market, PARTNER makes it simple to get started. Use our easy data uploader, network survey builder for web-based data collection, or our personal-network app for collection anywhere, anytime.

Person-Centered Network App

Simple Excel
Data Uploader

Choose to upload the data you already have in just a few clicks in a simple excel format, or use our flexible. Easily import your own network data following our simple guidelines to get quick access to visualization and some basic network metrics to help you find patterns, show connections, and tell your network story.

Survey Builder

The PARTNER Survey Builder is an easy  way to collect any kind of network data from members of your network. Use our validated default survey, modify it or create your own from scratch, send it to your network with our email systems to collect data online from network members, & watch your data flow in.

Person-centered Network App

The PARTNER Person-Centered Network App is a fully adaptable and easy-to-use mobile tool to collect, analyze, and interpret data on personal networks.  You can collect data about one person/organization at a time, wherever you are, from anyone at any time using any mobile phone or tablet.

 All of these options feed right into our data dashboards, without requiring you to do any data cleaning, or making you export into another program. And no matter what tool you are using, all your data are stored in your user profile, with the ability to add collaborators to any project in edit, view only, or share modes.

"Visible Network Labs (VNL) is an essential partner in the field of public health, where we rely on the strength of partnerships and networks to build our capacity and build innovative approaches to health. We are constantly being asked to measure the impact of our work, without VNL we wouldn't be able to measure or justify the need for partnerships to funders, new partners and innovators in the field!"
Sarah Marie Ridder Lampe
CO Foundation for Health & Environment

PARTNER Case Studies

COLORADO: Early Childhood councils

About this project. There are currently 30 Early Childhood Councils in the state of Colorado; these ECCs work to create local collaboratives in order to improve accessibility and quality of early childhood services throughout Colorado. These services include: education; social,emotional, and mental health; physical health; and family support/parent education.
Methods. In partnership with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), the Colorado Trust, and the Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS), the PARTNER Team conducted a 3-year project with Early Childhood Councils (ECC) throughout the state of Colorado. The project was conducted in 12 Home Visitation (MIECHV) and Health Integration funded communities with the aim of identifying ECC network relationships, developing a map of the “ideal” system, and collecting data to assess system relationships.
A customized PARTNER survey was distributed to the participating ECC communities in April of 2013 and again in September of 2014; this survey had 394 respondents in total from all 12 communities. Each ECC had a Coordinator that was responsible for administering the survey to their collaborative members.


About this project. Just five years after the 1990 publication of the first KIDS COUNT Data Book, a nationwide KIDS COUNT Network had been established, guided by a member-led revolving steering committee. Funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, this 53-member network is comprised of organizations from every state, as well as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Over the past 20 years, the Casey Foundation has invested in the Network’s leadership, capacity for advocacy and organizational health, resulting in a network of partners in each state that are helping lawmakers, public agencies, and nonprofits understand the nation’s changing demographic profile to encourage more effective programs and policies. Methods. This report provides the findings of a study conducted by the Center on Network Science between September and November of 2016, utilizing PARTNER to conduct an organizational network analysis methodology to collect data from the Network members on various aspects of the Network. This study provides a data-informed evidence base about the successes and challenges of the KIDS COUNT Network, and methods for how this initiative might grow and strengthen strategically within an ever-changing landscape.

Million Hearts initiative

About this project: The Million Hearts® network is comprised of a core group of federal and private sector partners that participate in Million Hearts® activities and align with initiative priorities. To bound the network for the SNA, we used a list of 58 organizations (74% response rate) from a previously completed qualitative analysis of Million Hearts® partnerships.
Methods: We used the online PARTNER (Program to Analyze Record and Track Networks to Enhance Relationships survey to collect data on individual organizational characteristics and relational questions that asked organizations to identify and describe their relationships with other partners in the network. Key SNA measures include network density, centralizations, value, and trust.
Results: Our analyses show a network that is decentralized, has strong perceptions of trust and value among its members, and strong agreement on intended outcomes.

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