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Complex systems and problems require innovative, personalized solutions. Let our team of evaluation experts and network scientists bring their skills and knowledge to bear in meeting your network’s needs. Whether you need to measure & demonstrate impact, build new technology and software, or create a data-driven strategy, we can help. Contact us to get started, today!

Our PARTNER Method for Evaluating Networks & Creating Strategies

In our consulting work, we use our PARTNER Method as a framework for organizing our projects.

This is a five-step process for building and adapting data-driven network strategies over time. Beginning with a Strategic Foundation involving a mindset shift and strategy design, we engage in continuous improvement tracking progress, adapting our strategy and enacting actions for improvement. 

In our experience and research, this methodology is the key to creating real improvement and change as a collaborative. Learn more about our steps below.

Mindset Shift: We help organizations shift to thinking like a network scientist! This is necessary for most networks before they can start creating and adapting their own data-driven network strategy.

Network Strategy: We work with your team to envision the “ideal network” for advancing your goals, and the metrics by which you’ll track and adapt your strategy over time.

Data Tracking: We create and implement an evaluation for your network strategy using the PARTNER Platform, creating a series of reports and graphics to share as a result. This is ideally repeated over time.

Analyze Insights: We facilitate the analysis of the evaluation results to come up with clear, actionable insights for the network members to adapt their network strategy as necessary.

Translate to Practice: We support the network leaders in implementing any action items or shifts in network strategy, before eventually going back to Step 3 Data Tracking to track progress again.

Who We've Worked With

What our Clients Have to Say

  • VNL is an amazing team of professionals who are actively building tools, like PARTNER, that we need to measure collaboration, networks, and more. They think outside of the box, and they are an innovative partner when it comes to trying to define and measure those things that are innately challenging.

    Katie Edwards

    Executive Director, Nonprofit Centers Nework
  • VNL is an essential partner in the field of public health, where we rely on the strength of partnerships and networks to build our capacity and build innovative approaches to health. We are constantly being asked to measure the impact of our work, without VNL and PARTNER we wouldn’t be able to measure or justify the need for partnership.

    Sarah Marie Ridder Lampe

    CEO, Trailhead Institute
  • PARTNER has become a valuable tool for me because it measures important aspects of organizational relationships that help me understand what does and does not work well in partnerships. It’s also a great tool because it is easy to modify and implement in community-based settings.  The VNL staff are not only expert social network analysts, but they are very attentive and easy to work with. I can’t imagine studying these types of relationships without them.

    Malcolm Williams, Ph.D.

    Senior Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation

Our consulting services cover the entire breadth of the PATNER Method, a process for building data-driven network strategies. From shifting your mindset, to enacting action steps, we can help.

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