Being a Colorado Entrepreneur Is Hard Work. We Need Your Help to Make it Easier!

It sometimes feels like you’re on your own as an entrepreneur or small business owner. However, you are part of an ecosystem of organizations working to support entrepreneurs. We’re partnering with these groups to map out and strengthen this network so it can better serve and support entrepreneurs like you… but we need your help. Share your feedback in our 10-minute survey to help us strengthen Colorado’s entrepreneurial Ecosystem, and learn more about our goals below.

An Introduction to the Project

Business and startup owners, government agencies, venture capital groups, nonprofits, and many other organizations and individuals work together to support entrepreneurship in Colorado. However, there is little visibility into how these groups work together and with personal sources of support for entrepreneurs.
We joined with many of these organizations to collect data and begin mapping this ecosystem, from both the individual and systems perspective, to identify areas for improvement and growth.
Ultimately, this data will help us create new tools to help support entrepreneurs and small business owners from the ground up. Help us get started by taking the survey below so we can better understand what this ecosystem looks like from your pespective.

Our 3-Step Process for Visualizing and Strengthening the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

We are starting by understanding the perspective of entrepreneurs themselves in terms of where they find support. We’ll then map how the system of support organizations is collaborating and where there are gaps. Finally, we will connect these two levels of data to build new tools to support entrepreneurs.

1) Gather the entrepreneur perspective

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2) Map the ecosystem of supporters

Get Involved as an Organization!

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3) Connect the individual and systems levels

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Your feedback will help us build new tools to support entrepreneurs!

While many nonprofits, government agencies, and other organizations work to support entrepreneurs, there’s little data to help them collaborate strategically to fill need gaps in individual entrepreneur support networks. This project will ultimately help create tools that these groups can use to build better partnerships and be more strategic in how they support the state’s business and startup community.

Help us Strengthen Colorado's Support Network for Entrepreneurs

By sharing your experiences as an entrepreneur you can help us better understand how the entrepreneurial ecosystem is working, and how we can improve it to better support, small business owners. Click the button below to take our survey and get started.