Community Connections, River People, and Roots Rodeo – the Ultimate Community Engagement Strategy

When I started Visible Network Labs, I knew it would be really hard to launch something new, but I also knew I had a huge community of people ready to take the leap with me. If I have learned anything in life, it is that [...]

Collective Impact is Hard, But We’re Not in the Dark – Part 1: Collaboration

Collective impact is hard. If you’ve ever done it, you know it beyond a doubt. If you’ve never done it, just read about the five conditions of collective impact. You’ll be able to guess how hard it would be to make it all work. Entire communities [...]

Getting to Know our New Chief Operation Officer, Dr. Paige Backlund Jarquìn!

This January, we welcomed Dr. Paige Backlund Jarquín to our team here at Visible Network Labs! As our Chief Operating Officer, Paige supports company operations and provides leadership to our programs.She joins us with many years of experience in the public health realm; she most [...]