Launching Soon: PARTNER CPRM 2.0!

Network professionals have been using PARTNER to collect relational data, visualize their networks, and identify actionable insights to improve their collaborative strategic management for more than a decade. However, as technology advances and our team shifts, we are implementing significant new improvements to make the platform more robust and easy to use, especially for those using it on their own. This autumn, we will release the new version of the platform, PARTNER CPRM 2.0, with helpful new features and a sleek, user-friendly design.

While there are a lot of changes in the works, here are some of the things we are excited about most:

  1. New Network Analyzer: Our updated Analyzer has a cleaner look with lots of functionality, like the ability to pin nodes in place, easier filtering and sorting, and greater control over your map appearance.

  2. Report Builder: Use the tool to generate personalized reports with network maps, headers, descriptions, and other tables and charts to share your findings and results.

  3. Cross-tabulation: Compare how network sub-groups differ according to member attributes like sector, focus area, geographic location, or other custom attributes you create.

  4. Improved UX & UI: We redesigned the look and layout of PARTNER to make it easier to navigate and more accessible for every type of user. Experience a streamlined design that is faster to learn and start using.

  5. Email Templates & Scheduler: Create email templates to send to community partners and to share surveys, including merge tags for names and organizations. Then schedule them to send automatically in the future.

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If you want a sneak peek of the new PARTNER CPRM 2.0 platform and to stay up to date, you can sign up for our Wait List or request a demo. We can’t wait to show you the next and best iteration of PARTNER we’ve ever released!

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We are upgrading our community partner relationship management system with new features, better performance, and improved UX and UI design to serve you better. Join the Wait List to get updates and be the first to try out the new platform once it's available this fall.

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