Explore Innovation & Build Your Skills at our May 2020 Events!

On May 18th, the Network Innovation Summit will bring researchers, thought leaders, practitioners and more to explore the implications of ever-increasing connection in our world. Following on May 19-20th, the Network Leadership Training Academy will share the skills and knowledge needed to build, manage & evaluate community networks. Learn more about both events & register below!

Network Innovation

- May 18, 2020 | Virtual & Interactive Event -

Explore the future of networks in this day-long virtual design sprint event. Centering its focus on a set of questions about  the challenges and implications of our interconnected world, participants will explore big problems and build solutions together, framed around Networks in Times of Crisis with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Network Leadership Training Academy

- Monthly Virtual Sessions | June through December-

Develop the skills and knowledge you need to build, manage & evaluate cross-sector community networks. Meet, network and learn with network researchers, practitioners, funders and evaluators during these monthly learning sessions with speakers & peers.

Our May, 2020 events will both use our PARTNER Method as a framework for learning and discovery. From building a strategy to enacting action steps to solve big problems, we’ll cover it all.

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