How Does PARTNER Work?

How does PARTNER work? It’s actually pretty simple – just four easy steps to complete your network evaluation! First, decide who to include in your survey. If you need help, check out our Bounding your Network Brief. Second, customize your survey to fit your specific needs. We also have a dozen sector-specific surveys you can use. Third, send your respondents the survey to complete. Finally, you can analyze and visualize your results, create maps & reports, and download your raw data! You can watch a Demo on any of the PARTNER Platform tools here. There are specific demos for each tool, like the Survey Builder, Network Visualizer, Data Dashboard and Report Builder!

Learn more about the PARTNER Platform here

So how does PARTNER work? Our users tell us that it makes network evaluation easy and simple, and gives their networks the data they need to improve their processes and outcomes. Get in touch with us to see what PARTNER can do for you and your collaborative efforts! 

What Questions can PARTNER answer for you? Here are some examples:

▪What organizations are part the network, and how are they working together?

▪What are the benefits and challenges of participating in the network?

▪How important is collaborative decision making in networks?

▪What is the role that powerful/influential members play in networks?

▪What value do partners bring to networks?

▪How should organizations invest resources to build and strengthen new partnerships?

▪How are cross-sector partnerships leading to health and well-being outcomes?

▪What kinds of resources are organizations leveraging collaboratively?



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